Grazing Boxes

Chili Peppers

It certainly feels as though there are a million different grazing boxes out there now, so why would you choose a Chieftains grazing box

over another companies? 

You can trust that the produce is not only the freshest but handled with care and hygiene. We only use the highest quality products in our boxes - the free range meats are made in our smokehouse, boutique cheeses that are from regional Victoria, and the freshest most delicious pickled and marinated goodies.

There are many cautionary tales when it comes to buying grazing boxes online as many appear to come from non-council approved kitchens. These boxes will also be less value for money as they are put together using products purchased retail

Chieftains Grazing boxes are all made in store with beautiful fresh produce

Other than the crackers our boxes are entirely gluten free, gluten free crackers are available on request.

Each item in our boxes is individually wrapped and tubbed so there is no chance of cross contamination. The crackers are still in their packet so they will be as fresh as they could possibly be for when you are ready to eat them. Our boxes will remain fresh for several days after purchasing them

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